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We offer a bespoke package built from specific client needs and therefore our engagement is one of collaboration with a mutually beneficial output. The client, therefore, benefits from reliable and predictable outcomes by outsourcing their non-core business functions.

Functional outsourcing is an innovative and alternate way to ensure resources within our client’s business are activated, enhanced and managed in both a strategic and efficient manner. FOS tailors solutions for our clients that deliver direct and immediate value.


»  Process Optimisation


FOS provides unique non-core manufacturing process optimization solutions. We are proud to provide a fully managed outsourced service that’s fundamentally entrenched in integration, partnership and risk-sharing with our clients.

We’re also about measurement, proactivity, output, and a focus of unity and synergy between our client’s goals and our own. Together we co-design specialist solutions, so we can co-create optimal results.


»  Retail Supply Chain Management


Retail supply chain management from Functional Outsourcing Services (FOS) shows how successfully a retailer’s distribution, warehousing, and logistics functions can be integrated with a functionally outsourced team in an end-to-end process.

The independent contracting and functional outsourcing concept in South Africa saw its routes develop from this sector and thus over the years has seen the most prolific spread into major blue chip businesses across South Africa.


Immediate Benefits and Business Impact


› Risk Mitigation

FOS is an independent contractor business and all our staff are compliant with recent labour relations amendments. We are fully compliant to the basic conditions of employment and all the relevant bargaining councils in South Africa. Why expose your business to the labour, administration and industrial relations burden, when you don’t need too?


› Cost Saving

Client’s business processes are performed at competitive pricing and at a premium service standard. We look for meaningful return on investment for our clients. It is not uncommon for our clients to pay us per unit output and therefore you only pay FOS when we are producing the output. We also offer a Management Fee option that is fast to implement and develops into a well-oiled efficient machine over time. There are several immediate benefits to our clients with this model. FOS helps you retain the FLEXIBILITY to adapt to your market conditions and manage costs.


› Increased Efficiencies

We are output focussed and take on complex and challenging processes that require detailed understanding that comes with experience. We focus on the non-core areas of a business providing best practice, industry-leading expertise. Clients realize an increase in productivity and efficiency in their business operation. This has a positive impact on their bottom line.


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